What We Do

Our goal is to create a refreshingly high air quality environment in your commercial or residential space for your optimal productivity! We thrive on professionalism and absolute customer satisfaction in our comprehensive services encompassing installation, maintenance and repair of the enlisted products;

Air conditioners

You desire a palpably fresh and clear environment? Consider Air conditioners! These deliver a highly improved environment via their removal of heat or humidity and distribution of conditioned air and eventually raising your comfort. Whether single split systems, VRF multi split systems, window units, portable units or packaged systems, our efficiency is unparalled and we shall be your best option for best results.


Seeking to install a cold room in your facility for high quality storage? We are your one stop solution from the smallest size to the walk – in and customized models according to your needs.

Fridges & Freezers

These are indispensable to help keep food fresh! They also come in handy for as well as your living specimens fresh and in pristine condition prior to use. Be it in residential or commercial scale, it is imperative that you ensure that they are handled by professionals to avoid breakages and breakdowns. Our capacity assures you professional handling, installation and servicing of your equipment maintaining it as new for many years after purchase.

Air Handling Units

Are you looking for a custom solution for efficient air regulation and circulation within any commercial space? Then this is the perfect solution. We customize AHUs to your building ensuring wide range of air flow as well as use of high efficiency components that only give you and optimal ventilation experience.

Wall Fans

Are you seeking a perfect way to ventilate your office or living room? The wall fan is your most affordable and efficient way to cool any small space! The experience will be enhanced only via our professional installation as we will install only the best brand and with experienced hands.

Extract Fans

Are you looking to ventilate a specified room or location? Then domestic Bathroom fans, kitchen fans or industrial and commercial inline duct fans, centrifugal fans are your friend! With our expertise we will evaluate and advice on the best extract fan for your need!

Sweep Fans

Looking for a quick solution to achieve cool air in hot periods? Then the ceiling sweep fan is a formidable one as it is highly affordable and fast to install.


Are you looking to keep your kitchen pure and scentless? This will serve you well! The ducted kitchen-hood works by drawing in the warm air from the cooker into the hood and directing it outwards while the ductless one works via the principle of recycling as it purifies the air from your cooker and resend the pure air into your kitchen. This is an essential healthy living enhancing requirement you just can’t fail to treat yourself and your kitchen to!

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